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Real Motion Sensor Switch PIRW-2039

Real Motion Sensor Switch PIRW-2039

Brand: Real Sensor Switch
Product Code: PIRW-2039
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There are smart cards and smart phones. Now
here comes smart sensors for your office & home.
Economical I Convenient I Smart I Secure

                                                      Here is a lighting system which is going to revolutionize the conventional systems of lighting in India.
The “Motion Sensing” technology is a passive system that is able to detect infrared energy. Real Motion Sensors are sensitive to the temperature of the human body and are able to detect the presence of a human being in a room. So, these amazing sensors automatically turn on lights when they detect a presence and conversely turn them off according to the pre set time. . It also has an inbuilt brightness (Lux) controller for day and night setting. All Real sensor switch products are tried and tested by many satisfied home, institutional & corporate users in India.



Just install this smart sensor in your home or office and watch your electricity bills plummet.




Home Applications


Garage I Deck I Front Door I Bathroom I Hallway I Basement I Balcony.
Office & Commercial Applications
Staircase I Foyer I Bathroom I Walk way I Parking I Entrance I Balcony.




  •   PIR technology detects every angle.
  •   Adjustable time delay & light.
  •    Easy mounting on any wall surface
  •   Power Sourcing: 220V/AC-240V/AC  
  •   Detection Range: 180°
  •   Power Frequency: 50Hz
  •   Working Temperature: -20~+40°C   
  •   Ambient Light: 3-2000LUX (Adjustable) 
  •   Working Humidity: <93%RH
  •   Time-Delay: Min.10sec±3sec (Adjustable)  Max.7min±2min
  •   Installing Height: 1.8m~2.5m
  •   Power Consumption: 0.45W (work) 0.1W (static)
  •   Rated Load: 1200W (incandescent lamp) - 300W (energy-saving lamp)
  •   Detection Motion Speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
  •   Detection Distance: 6m max (<24°C)
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