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Real Space Bag Vacuum Storage Small Size Bags for Clothes

Real Space Bag Vacuum Storage Small Size Bags for Clothes

Brand: Real Space Bag
Product Code: Small (S) 50 x 70(CM)
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Real Space Bag™ is an innovative, space-saving storage product. Real Space Bag™ vacuum compressed storage bag, has
become an essential accessory for homes in India.

As we know that these type of vacuum space storage bags are found in almost every home overseas. Now, Real space
bag™ is available in India. No need to ask a friend or relative to get you these bags from US or Australia! Buy now
& save space.

The key to Real Space Bag™ is compression, applied by means of a home vacuum cleaner, the results are dramatic:
Real Space Bag™ provide up to three times more storage capacity as they protect items from dirt, moisture and
odors. This superior protections means you can store them almost anywhere—garage, attic, basement, under the bed—
which means you get your closets back!

  •   Store up to 70% more
  •   Prevents mildew & odors
  •   Keeps out dirt & insects
  •   Airtight zipper and valve
  •   Works with any vacuum hose
  •   Waterproof and airtight
  •   Reusable
  •   Eliminates crowded closets
  •   Easy access to stored items
  •   Thickness: 80 Microns (Only Real space bag™ offers 80 Micron Thick sheets in India)
  •   Material: PA+PE, 5 Layer co extrusion, Air proof.
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