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Real Space Bag Vacuum Storage Extra Large Size Bags for Clothes

Real Space Bag Vacuum Storage Extra Large Size Bags for Clothes

Brand: Real Space Bag
Product Code: Extra-Large (XL) 100 x 120(CM)
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Introducing Extra Large (XL) JUMBO Bags Size: 100 X 120 CM. 

   ·  Extra Large space saving vacuum shrink bags 

   ·  Huge bags! Size: Extra Large (XL) 100 X 120 (CM) 

   ·  1 Set of Extra Large size Include 2 Extra Large Bags @Rs.645/-

   ·  Valve & Clip Color: GREY, Transparent zipper. 80 Micron Thick. 

   ·  Extra Large - Jumbo size ideal for Double bedding and linen 

   ·  Works with almost all Vacuum cleaners, No extra attachment required.

Get Some Real Storage

You can choose from many types of storage solutions that are available to you in the marketplace. Each one comes with its own pros and cons. But here is why you will be interested in our product:

• You get to increase your storage space by about 70%.

• Our storage solutions are airtight, reusable and waterproof.

• Mildew, dirt, insects, odors - nothing to be worried about with our storage.

• It gives you extremely easy access to the items that you have stored away.

Is that has not piqued your interest, then read on because there is more!

About our product

Real Space Bag is all about enabling streamlined storage for almost all your needs. The bags are made of top-quality material, using cutting-edge technology. Five layers of polyethylene and polyamides (non-toxic, incidentally) come together to give you a bag that is not scared of taking on even your biggest storage needs. All you really need to do is use the bag along with any general purpose vacuum cleaner, as directed, and enjoy the fact that within a minute, your space has gone from crowded to organized.

How does it work?

The principle behind Real Space Bag is all about vacuuming out empty spaces from the storage bag. So all you need to do is fold the items that need to be stored away and place them neatly inside the plastic bag. Then, you apply a vacuum cleaner hose or even a vacuum pump on the valve which is clearly visible on the bag. Turn on the vacuum cleaner so it sucks out the air and in no time whatsoever, you will see that the entire bag is compressing to a fraction of its original thickness. This simply means that even bulky items such as blankets and woolens can be tucked away in the slimmest of spaces.

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